Hello WIcing On The Steak About Pic 02orld…

well probably only a few friends and some people who happened to mistakenly find their way to this site

Welcome to my food blog where I will astound you with my Master Chef expertise. At least in my imagination I will…

I’m John and I like to think of myself as a Kitchen Gladiator! It’s just me against the food and utensils in the Kitchen Colosseum. Sorry, perhaps I’m being a little dramatic here.

I think I would best be described by my family as a ‘Chef Extraordinaire’ – though I think I must be mishearing when they say words about my cooking such as rubbish, crap or inedible!!

Aside from a few minor deficiencies to work on, such as a complete lack of cooking talent and an inability to present food creatively, I genuinely feel the Michelin Stars are not far away.

In all seriousness, I created this site as a means of bringing together Recipes I have cooked (and enjoyed) and those that I would like to cook. As long as I have a recipe I can have a go at it and usually the result is good. I don’t have a natural aptitude to just whip up a tasty dish from ingredients lying around the pantry or fridge, though as I get more experienced, I get a bit more knowledgeable and confident to extend myself a little.

So if you are like me and you trawl through a range of recipe websites in search of inspiration, then perhaps I can help as well. I get a little frustrated with having multiple cook books lying around each with only a small handful of recipes that I would like to cook. You then look at a myriad of recipe websites and there are recipes everywhere and you have a million bookmarks or favourites in your browser and sometimes it’s just too much and by the time you find something, you have lost interest – so have a toasted sandwich instead!

I created this site as a means of pulling together recipes that interest me and have them all in one location. I’m happy to do the searching, find the recipes and bring it back to an easy to follow format in one website. So when I go searching for something to cook, I think just about anything I see on my site will be OK for me. If you like my choices, then this site might also help you as well, by reducing the time you spend searching for inspiration and ideas.

I don’t claim to be the creator of the recipes here. Some recipes have been handed down through the family, while others I have written in a book and just don’t remember where I got it from.   I have also taken some recipes and modified them to better suit me.  But then, isn’t that really what the myriad of recipes on the internet are – just slight variations of one another.

I am adding recipes as I cook my way through them. If some don’t turn out to be OK or I don’t like them, or perhaps they are just too time consuming to make, then I will remove the recipe from my list, or just not add it.

Where I have cooked the recipe I will try to provide a photo from my efforts. I don’t have that photographic artistic eye to present food the way you see on some websites. So please bear that in mind. I’ll do some research when I get time and hope to improve my photographic talents for food as time goes on.

I’m happy to hear of any ideas or recipes you may think would also be good to add to this site.

Anyway, time for me to go and create my first masterpiece recipe. I’m think of combining icing and steak – those two go together don’t they? 2 of my favourite food groups.